Thursday, May 5, 2016

Secret Six #13

As Strix adjust to her new life with the League of Assassins her former teammates begin making preparations for a suicide run against the deadliest group of killers on the planet in order to get their friend back. With Catman calling in a favor to Scandal Savage, next month's final issue is likely to be a mix of classic and New 52 members of the team against incredible odds (not unlike the previous volume's farewell).

Strix's perspective inside the home of the League proves to be a bloody good time (literally as she kills her way through the test subjects put in her path by Lady Shiva, each in the garb of one of her teammates). Not only surviving Shiva's challenge but excelling in a way that even surprises the world's most dangerous woman, I wonder whether or not we will get to see these two square off before the dust settles.

I'll admit I haven't enjoyed this group as much as the previous incarnation of the Secret Six, but Gail Simone has finally sold me on Strix. I'm betting she, like the rest of the group, isn't going to go quietly into the night. Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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