Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Red Sonja #5

Red Sonja's return to Hyrkania continues as King Savas makes Midyan his captive and plans to use a Red Sonja impersonator to win the support of his people. As for the real She-Devil with a Sword, she has her hands full with taming a Roc for most of this issue. Finally taming the giant bird of legend, Sonja is ready to return to her friends and lead a rebellion against Savas and the throne.

I'm far from a regular reader of Red Sonja. Sure, I'll jump in from time to time but there's usually not enough going on to keep my interest for long. Red Sonja #5 marks my first foray into the new series by Marguerite Bennett and artist Aneke. I was able to catch-up on events fairly quickly. And even if Sonja is absent from a large chunk of the story having to deal with the politics inside the Hyrkanian palace, she still gets her opportunity to shine hunting and taming the bird of legend.

The creative team seems to be a good pairing for the new series. While I'm not ready to jump in with both feet, I may stick around for another issue or two to see where Sonja's war takes her. Worth a look.

[Dynamite Entertainment, $3.99]

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