Wednesday, April 12, 2017

iZombie - Zombie Knows Best

One of the goofier episodes for Liv (Rose McIver) and Major (Robert Buckley) turns out to be one of the most dramatic for Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin). Helping the detective with the double-murder, Liv and Major chow down on the brains of a father and his teenage daughter causing all kinds of bizarre behavior among the group. Buckley may have missed his calling, as he's terrific as the self-absorbed teenage girl. The case eventually uncovers a seedy motive for the crime involving the girl's best friend and her screwed-up home life.

The other case on the docket involves the murder of Clyde's former neighbors. Working off the books, he and Liv continue to look into the zombicide of the entire family while continuing to uncover facts which seem to point to a human-on-zombie hate crime. Interspersed throughout the episode are flashbacks to Clyde's relationship with the mother and son, and a crushing realization that had the detective's undercover case not gotten in the way two years ago he may have been able to spare the family from life as the living dead and eventual murder.

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