Monday, April 24, 2017

Powerless - Emergency Punch-Up

Sometimes we all need to vent. Not making it out of the Wayne Securities offices in time for the company retreat Emily (Vanessa Hudgens) spent weeks planning, her team gets locked in the building during Dr. Psycho's gas attack. Emily's attempts to make the best out of a bad situation lead her into getting dosed with the gas which makes the normally conscientious co-worker brutal in her honesty to her teammates who, if they wish to save her, will have to make the ultimate sacrifice... by singing Kelly Clarkson karaoke.

Although it's a pretty simple set-up, the episode does have some interesting pieces including the catchphrase t-shirts Emily gets for her co-workers (I would like a better look at some of these), Van (Alan Tudyk) hiring a writing staff (one of whom gets lost in the gas) to feed him a few zingers through his earpiece, the desert island exercise which goes completely awry, the makeshift gas suits, and the show finding a way to get its musical star to belt out a few lines of a pop song while still keeping to the structure of the episode. Despite their ridicule and arguments the team does bond during the stressful situation, and learns not to get on Emily's bad side.

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