Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Flash - The Once and Future Flash

There are two issues at play in "The Once and Future Flash," although the show's writers have not intention of resolving either one. The first involves Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) transformation into Killer Frost, which Barry (Grant Gustin) abandons his friends to deal with on their own as he races into the future to find answers about Savitar. Returning to the present nearly the same moment he left, Team Flash isn't left on their own for long, but it does prove long enough for Caitlin to escape and further crystallize the timeline the Flash has desperately attempting to prevent.

Central City in the year 2024 is a pretty bleak place. The Flash has long since disappeared and gone into hiding while his friends have scattered to deal with their own broken lives. Searching for answers to Savitar's identity, Barry only discovers how the death of Iris (Candice Patton) destroys his future self and fractures his team. Before traveling back into the past, our hero does manage to infuse a bit of hope, reforming the team, and taking down a pair of super-villains with the help of his future self (who sports an improved costume).

Caitlin escapes custody to join the other side and the identity of Savitar isn't revealed, leaving both of the episode's plots dangling as the credits roll. In the final scene we do see Savitar outside his armor for the first time, well... "see" is a bit of a stretch, as he reveals his identity to Killer Frost. Her reaction seems to narrow the identity of our foe as someone she both immediately recognizes and fears. So, who is the man behind the suit? And how long will the show keep us guessing?

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