Monday, April 10, 2017

Powerless - Van v Emily: Dawn of Justice

The lead story of "Van v Emily: Dawn of Justice" could fit into any office comedy. Revolving around Emily's (Vanessa Hudgens) desire to get her own office and Van (Alan Tudyk) being threatened of a subordinate's success, the pair square off in the most ridiculous way possible - by competing against each other by using a child's playset. Loosing the competition, but breaking Van's ego in the process, it falls to Emily to put her boss back together again. There are some nice touches here, like Van going through a ridiculous assortment of trophies obviously purchased for him by his parents and Jackie's (Christina Kirk) reveal of the evil truth behind the employee of the month award.

Although given less screentime, Teddy's (Danny Pudi) fascination with the super-hero (Natalie Morales) that saved his life offers another look at life in a city full of super-heroes. Willing to dump his current girlfriend, and even put himself in danger to find Green Fury again, Teddy's obsession begins to worry Ron (Ron Funches). I'll be curious to see how much more we see of Morales, in or out of costume, in the episodes to come.

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