Thursday, April 6, 2017

X-Men: Prime #1

X-Men: Prime #1 is a good, if pricey, single comic. It does nothing to convince me to continue reading the series or any of Marvel's constantly shifting X-books, but it does offer Kitty Pryde a nice moment or two and establish a new base for the core X-Men team. As to just who that core team is... that's bit unclear. Kitty and Storm seem to be sticking around, but the time-displaced X-Men (you know, the ones who should have been returned to their time years ago?) have their own agenda, and Marvel still hasn't filled the gaping holes the lose of Cyclops and Professor X have had on all the X-Men titles (and likely never will without bring them back).

The main purpose of this issue is to reintroduce Kitty to the X-Men, offer some fan-service reunion moments, and start to show what the X-Men under Kitty's leadership might look like. A fan favorite, Pryde's return isn't likely to hurt the X-books, but without nearly all the core members of the team the book feels empty. And the threat of a sercret organization putting together their own mutant squad doesn't do much for me either. For fans.

[Marvel, $4.99]

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