Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Blacklist: Redemption - Hostages

Two big secrets are revealed in the penultimate episode of The Blacklist: Redemption. First, Scottie (Famke Janssen) discovers that Tom (Ryan Eggold) is the inside man working for her not-so-dead husband Howard (Terry O'Quinn). Second, to prevent Scottie from killing Tom, Howard is forced to reveal their familial relationship to the man who calls himself Tom Keen. As for just what this means for Scottie's larger plans, Howard's conspiracy theories, and the future of Tom, it will all likely be determined in next week's finale where apparently more of the The Blacklist cast will finally make an appearance.

The mission of the week involves a gangster (Alex Fernandez) kidnapping a family and demanding the return of an incarcerated lieutenant in exchange. The plot thread has a few twist and turns revealing that the criminal in question is actually in witness protection and the man demanding his return also knows this... as does his employer. Convincing the witness to go back in to recover the family, things almost go horribly wrong. But, except for a little torture, everyone makes it out in one piece.

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