Thursday, April 20, 2017

Samurai Jack - Episode XCVI

Spending more time with Jack (Phil LaMarr), Ashi (Tara Strong) is slowly convinced that everything she has learned about the world is wrong. But is her conversion too late? Believing he has failed in saving children abducted by Aku's (Greg Baldwin)minions and turned into bloodthirsty weapons, Jack's already fragile mind is shattered. Ashi actually is able to prevent the tragedy, and for the first time use her considerable skills to save lives rather than take them, but Jack walks off into the fog with the strange rider apparently willing to accept whatever fate has in store for him. Can Ashi find him and convince Jack to pick up the fight once more?

Along with continuing the thread between Jack and Ashi, "Episode XCVI" is also notable fore the reappearance of the Scotsman (John DiMaggio) and his clan, who mistakeningly think they can take Aku down by themselves in the opening scene. The Scotsman meets a gruesome end to protect his family, but his new life as a ghost foreshadows another force to push Jack out of his malaise and return to his quest to destroy the evil that is Aku.

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