Monday, July 1, 2019

Elementary - Command: Delete

The season-long arc continues to develop as Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) and Watson (Lucy Liu) mull over Odin Reichenbach's (James Frain) offer to assist him in preventing crimes through the use of his clients' private data. Repulsed by the idea, Holmes reaches out to Agent McNally (Tim Guinee) only to discover that the NSA, or at least McNally, is already fully onboard with Reichenbach's operation and any attempts by Holmes to try and expose or thwart the billionaire's efforts would likely be met with strong reprisals. Apparently not content to go to war with just one government agency in his final season, Sherlock now finds himself at odds with the NSA as well.

Deciding not to alert Watson that their efforts have been thwarted, the audience is left to wonder how long it might be before Joan discovers what is going on. "Command: Delete" does offer a murder of the week as Marcus Bell (Jon Michael Hill) brings them into a case involving a former police officer blackmailed for his involvement pornography to act as a sniper a flush a target into the arms of his killer. The B-story offers quite a few twists and turns before the person (Kelly McCrann) behind the complicated scheme is revealed. Previews for next week point to (Jon Michael Hill) finishes his final days in the department and urges Gregson's (Aidan Quinn return possibly making this the final appearance of the competent, but often befuddled, Captain Dwyer (Rob Bartlett).

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