Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Killjoys - Blame it on the Rain

After her initial plan to wake-up Johnny (Aaron Ashmore) and D'avin (Luke Macfarlane fails, Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) regroups with all the Killjoys in the quad after her. Luckily Zeph (Kelly McCormack) has survived her near-death experience and has come up with a way to wake up the Jaqobis boys. Unlucky for Zeph, she gets caught in the rain and is reprogrammed, unable to help the reunited team make an escape after attack one of the the Lady's terraforming factories.

There's some fun to be had between D'avin and Johnny, both before and after getting their memories restored. Dutch's gamble that D'avin still retains a glimmer of his former self pays off and buys her the time necessary to wake the boys up. The attack on the factory is a bit rushed, but does include Dutch flamethrowing the Lady's pets, offering a first real win against the season's big bad. Zeph's reprogramming, and the Killjoys' capture offers trouble for the team, but even larger trouble may be looming as Khlyen (Rob Stewart) makes a desperate deal to save Dutch's life.

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