Friday, July 19, 2019

Elementary - On the Scent

Beginning with the murder of artist, the NYPD believe a serial killer dormant for a decade has returned. Unable to connect any of the original victims to each other or the latest victim, Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) and Watson (Lucy Liu) begin looking for alternative reasons for the unknown killer's DNA showing up at all five crime scenes. In the first of a series of twists, they discover the tainted samples for each crime are not from some mysterious killer but a worker in the DNA lab who unintentionally contaminated each of them. Looking at all five cases separately, all have obvious motives except for the most recent one... until they discover one of the woman's dogs was taken as well.

"One Scent" is a clever episode, dismissing the serial killer angle one-third of the way through the episode and then delving back into a mystery that involves a local gang, their lawyer (Kate Shindle), her brother, and $1,000,000 in drugs the stolen dog was used to find. The episode also continues the arc involving Odin Reichenbach (James Frain) as Sherlock is forced to admit the truth to Watson when she stumble upon another crime in Arizona she correctly surmises is connected to his attempt at precognition. Reichenbach is also made aware of Watson's sleuthing suggesting another confrontation between the trio in the near future.

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