Thursday, July 25, 2019

Kung Fu Panda - Blue Dragon Plays with Fire

Po (Mick Wingert) begins teaching his new students Nu Hai (Haley Tju), Bao (Gunnar Sizemore), Jing (Laya DeLeon Hayes), and Fan Tong (Makana Say) in the show's second episode while also offering both the students and audience a brief history on the Chi passed to them from each of the Four Constellations. The twist here is that each Panda was given power that goes against their base instincts and will require them to master themselves if they have in hope in unlocking the power within.

Learning of a nearby attack, Nu Hai rushes the the team into action rather than delivering news to Po. The episode gets its title from Nu Hai learning patience which is the only thing that prevents a gruesome outcome for the students as she is able to momentarily tap into the power of the Blue Dragon and hold off the attackers until Po can arrive. From what we see here it seems obvious on how each of the other students will need to tap into the power (the cowardly will need to be brave, the selfish will need to be selfless, and so on). The villainous Jindiao (Steve Blum) also makes an appearance in the episode's subplot involving finding an old student and forefully taking his Chi in order to add it to his own for the upcoming confrontation with the Dragon Master.

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