Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Uncanny X-Men #22

This version of Uncanny X-Men comes to a close with an odd issue the feels pressured to fit into larger events in the long-term scope of Marvel's favorite mutants. Emma Frost's plan is revealed, which turns out to be fairly benign in making the world forget about mutants, a major supporting character is killed, and the X-Men and Hellfire Club come together to battle Robert Callahan and O.N.E.

The run of Cyclops, Wolverine, and some marginal other characters will likely only be remembered for bringing Scott Summers back to life and reincorporating him with the team. Speaking of the team, the rest of the A-List X-Men arrive suddenly to help out the mutants and offer the reunion some fans have been waiting decades for.

The issue, like the series, has it's up and down moments. Although I'm hardly his biggest fan, Havok likely deserved better (along with many mutants who met their end over the course of the series). Ending with a stronger united team deciding hatred and bigotry are better than hiding and anonymity, the X-Men appear ready to write their next chapter. For fans.

[Marvel, $4.99]

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