Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Killjoys - Run, Yala, Run

Sometimes the heroes lose. It's a brave new world in Killjoys' Fifth Seeason premiere. After escaping the Green, the Lady (Lily Gail Reid) has begun reshaping Westerly to suit her needs. While D'avin (Luke Macfarlane) remains a Killjoy, albeit without any memories of his friends or family, Johnny (Aaron Ashmore) and Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) are living life as a married couple blissfully unaware of the truth... until Dutch begins to wake-up. The Lady has turned the world topsy turvy recasting those to fit her whims (and to keep the dangerous at arm's length). There are certainly questions here, such as who is lurking behind the scenes to help trigger Dutch's memory? And, now that her first attempt has failed, what kind of shock will Dutch need to force on her friends to try and awake them again?

The episode comes very close to having Dutch and the team back together by the end of the episode, instead there's one final twist where the work to wake-up her friends is thwarted by the rain (literally bringing down the Lady's reprogramming on them all). Instead, Dutch is left on her own with Zeph (Kelly McCormack) bleeding out and the rest of her circle firmly under the Lady's control. It's far from the most hopeful of endings. Of course, Delle Seyah Kendry (Mayko Nguyen) and Jaq (Jaeden Noel) are still out there, but it seems they are off playing the long game while Dutch needs all the help she can get. Dutch versus the world is an intriguing plot I can certainly get behind as the show embraces its kick-ass female star and succeeds on selling me on the premise for the new season.

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