Thursday, May 28, 2020

Avengers #33

On the night of a Supermoon, a new storyline begins with Moon Knight targeting the mystical Avengers one-by-one. Avengers #33 opens in the Himalayas where Moon Knight takes down Iron Fist. Making stops to take down Doctor Strange, crush Thor, and steal Ghost Rider's car, the former Avenger continues to increase his power.

The issue features Moon Knight is several different looks including the classic all-white costume as the comic comes to an end with the character victorious. The comic doesn't allow us into the mind of the character for most of the comic, although towards the end it does appear that his multiple personalities are all doing just dandy. And they all appear onboard with the current mission.

Following the will of Khonshu it's unclear just what the endgame of Moon Knight or his God is, but it's obvious he's only getting started. He's unable to draw power from Black Panther, but there are plenty of other mystical forces in the Marvel Universe to draw from.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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