Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Ghost-Spider #9

Most of Ghost-Spider #9 features our spider-heroine mulling over the unexpected offer of friendship and team-up by Johnny Storm and Sue Storm. Despite her initial reluctance (and multiple warnings from her Spidey-Sense) Gwen decides to go forward with the meeting that ends with the trio taking down some smugglers (with what the Storms really want from Gwen yet to be revealed).

Returning to an ongoing theme, we see some father/daughter discussion about Gwen's choice of after-school activities (especially given what her father sees as Gwen's increasingly reckless behavior). There's also plenty of Spider-Gwen swinging around the city and contemplating school and social media.

What isn't addressed is the multiple appearances of Ghost Spider turning into Gwenom for the second straight issue. Does no one notice? Or do they just thing it's Gwen being Gwen? Obviously Gwenom and the Richards (including the looming Maker) are going to play major roles in Gwen's life in the issues to come, but for now our super-gal seems carefree (or as carefree as she can get).

[Marvel, $3.99]

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