Thursday, May 7, 2020

Harley Quinn - So You Need a Crew?

After being upstaged by the Joker (Alan Tudyk) and his henchmen, Harley Quinn (Kaley Cuoco) decides she needs a crew of her own. In an episode full of both subtle and overt references towards society's treatment of women, "So You Need a Crew?" humorously features Harley's struggles where henchmen are more likely to sign-up for the clueless Kite Man (Matt Oberg) than a woman in spandex and super-villain agencies are far less willing to help once they realize Harley no longer works with the Joker. The episode even features the example of the Queen of Fables (Wanda Sykes), the last female super-villain who attempted to break through the super-villain glass ceiling only to suffer a far worse fate than her male counterparts at the hands of the Justice League.

Realizing what she needs are outsiders like herself, Harley puts together a crew including the would-be thespian Clayface (Tudyk) and the politically-incorrect Dr. Psycho (Tony Hale) who even the Legion of Doom won't touch after his sexiest slur towards Wonder Woman. As for their first target, Harley eagerly eyes the chauvinist with delusions of godhood Maxie Zeus (Will Sasso). While nothing goes to plan (a common theme for the show), and Harley is still far away from her goal of joining the Legion of Doom, the break-in and beatdown of Maxie Zeus does earn the clown a bit of street cred cementing the core of Harley's crew (with one great addition coming in the next episode).

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