Monday, May 25, 2020

Super Dinosaur - Under the Dome

The second episode of Super Dinosaur introduces us to the Kingston family. Bruce (Brian Dobson) and Sarah (Kathleen Barr) are assigned to the Dynamo Dome as technicians and support staff. Despite Derek's (Valin Shinyei) reluctance to accept their help, both quickly prove their value. Their two daughters have mixed reactions to the move. Erin (Shannon Chan-Kent)) is curious and amazed by the new surroundings while the sullen Erica (Shannon Chan-Kent) is far less amused by the move.

"Under the Dome" is split into two parts, the first involves Derek acting like a jerk to the Kingstons believing they might break-up his family if they discover the truth about his father's (Alessandro Juliani) condition. The second takes place outside the Dome where Derek and SD (Deven Christian Mack) attempt to prevent the Dino Men from breaking out one of their own from an Earthcore prison. While grating at times, Derek's response to the Kingstons make sense from his point of view. Finally realizing that the family can help (and have no intention of destroying his family) eventually puts the boy at ease as the core cast of the show is now complete and the adventures of Super Dinosaur can continue.

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