Thursday, May 21, 2020

Harley Quinn - Finding Mr. Right

Hoping to enhance her prestige in Gotham City, Harley Quinn (Kaley Cuoco) sets out to get herself a nemesis. Looking to take on Batman, a public altercation with Robin (Jacob Tremblay), also looking to set himself up with a nemesis of his own, lowers Harley's stock in the villain community ever farther to the point where Lois Lane says she put the women's supervillain movement back decades. Of course the Boy Wonder claiming that Harley is his new nemesis at every turn doesn't help matters any.

"Finding Mr. Right" plays on the dichotomy of Harley and Robin both trying to break-out of the shadows in the whiniest and most self-aggrandizing ways possible while both being completely oblivious to how similar their situations are. The episode also introduces a completely unexpected version of King Shark (Ron Funches) as a tech-savvy nerd who refrains for breaking out into full shark-mode until he sees blood. The unexpected take on King Shark quickly became one of my favorite characters of the show. Funches is a bizarre casting choice that somehow works as Shark's addition fills our Harley's crew by adding yet another madcap element for the show's writers to play with.

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