Monday, May 4, 2020

Thanos Loses

Thanos Loses collects five separate issues from Marvel Comics, each featuring a victory over the Mad Titan by various Marvel Heroes. Taken out of context, some story elements are lost here but the individual issues do provide what the comic promises.

Guardians Of the Galaxy #25 features a rampaging resurrected Thanos being taken down by the Guardians of the Galaxy in a storyline that also includes appearances by the original Guardians. While Secret Wars #8 features little of the Mad Titan, the universe-resetting event does feature one of his most complete defeats at the hands of Victor von Doom.

Ka-Zar #11 features Thanos attempting to terraform the entire galaxy only to be thwarted by Ka-Zar (although the battle does leave lingering scars for his family). Thor #25 features the end of a storyline of Thanos battling the God of Thunder after gathering multiple artifacts to help him spread death across the galaxy. After fighting his way through the minions of Annihulus, Annihilation #4 features Drax making good on his life's purpose, consequences be damned.

[Marvel, $6.99]

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