Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Alex Rider - Assassin

Alex (Otto Farrant) and Kyra (Marli Siu) spend much of "Assassin" running for their lives trying to get out of Damian Cray's (Toby Stephens) compound alive as the mad billionaire chases them down with a killer drone. With his friends needing all the help they can get, Tom (Brenock O’Connor) calls on Jack (Ronke Adekoluejo) putting her in an uncomfortable situation which will cost her both a new job and a new friendship. With Jack's help, our heroes make it out and hand the code to Mrs. Jones (Vicky McClure).

"Assassin" sets the stage for the season finale. Cray still has one card left to play by kidnapping the girl who brought Alex into this and later called him every bad name in the book while refusing his help before, all to late, realize his crazy conspiracy theories are all real. Despite all his efforts, Alex won't be able to stop Feathered Serpent 2 from release as the true nature of Cray's plan is revealed (tying it into the season's opening scene involving an attack on the United States).

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