Wednesday, January 19, 2022

That'll Do, Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage stars as former chef turned hermit and truffle hunter who is pulled out of his seclusion when his pig is kidnapped. With the reluctant help of the supplier (Alex Wolff) to whom he was selling his truffles, Rob (Cage) begins a search for his missing pig (who, despite the love Rob obviously has for the pig, doesn't appear to have a name).

Pig is something like John Wick or Taken with all of the violence taken out (okay, almost all of the violence). The film relies on Cage's performance and the atmosphere provided from the visuals of cinematographer Patrick Scola in exploring both Rob's wilderness experience and also the underbelly of big city restaurants. Pig glosses over some nagging plot questions and supplies a not-completely-satisfying ending, but that don't detract too much from Rob and Amir's (Wolff) unusual journey.

Despite the rather large problem of finding a single pig in a large metropolitan city and surrounding countryside, Rob is never deterred from his search as the script by Michael Sarnoski offers a concession that the foodie trade is a much smaller, and more bizarre, world than you might expect. Leaving his seclusion, Rob is forced to face a past he turned his back on years before and rediscover a side of himself he's kept hidden from the world. One might even say in his search for his pig, Rob finds himself.

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  • Title: Pig
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