Thursday, January 13, 2022

Batman #119

Batman's investigation in Badhnisia continues as he has a run in with Lex Luthor but as Batman and Bruce Wayne. After buying up Batman, Inc., now incarcerated for the murder of the villain Abyss (who it turns out is far from dead), Luthor has a preposition for Batman. One our hero doesn't exactly take all that well.

The issue is notable for the Batman/Luthor confrontations (and planting the idea of Batman working for Luthor - God, this broke Batman shit is dumb), and Batman's first run-in with Abyss who leaves our hero blind and bleeding out in a not-too-friendly police station as the comic comes to a close. Yeah, I'm sure Bruce Wayne has had better vacations.

The issue also includes an unrelated back-up story involving Mia Mizoguchi to try and justify the higher price and page-count. 

[DC, $4.99]

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