Wednesday, January 5, 2022

The Cleaning Lady - TNT

Adapting the 2017 Argentinian television series La Chica Que Limpia for American audiences, the opening episode of The Cleaning Lady introduces Elodie Yung as Cambodian medical doctor Thony De La Rosa who, after witnessing a murder, gets pulled into a job as a cleaner by local mobster Arman Morales (Adan Canto) removing all evidence from a crime scene. "TNT" introduces multiple subplots such as Thony's son struggling with a life-threatening immunodeficiency disorder, the antics of her less-reliable Filipino sister-in-law Fiona (Martha Millan), a teasing a possible relationship between Thony and Arman (who risks his life to save his cleaner). 

"TNT" offers a solid opener, although Thony's life is a little more complicated than necessary. As for the authorities' investigation into the mob's new cleaner, which was a part of the original show, we only get the slightest tease with the cameo of FBI Agent Garrett Miller (Oliver Hudson) in the episode's final scene. It seems Thony's life isn't going to get any less complicated any time soon.

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