Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Seven Secrets: Volume One

Volume One collects the first six issues of Seven Secrets about a secret order of Keepers and Holders who are charged with protecting the seven most dangerous secrets from being released upon the world by a different secret sect known as Seekers.

The collection starts with an attack on the secrets and the rise of a new Holder just as a face from the Order's past returns to throw the society into chaos.

Even through six issues, Seven Secrets doesn't give up just what is in each of the seven briefcases as it teases us as to what exactly is being protected. However, we do get to know the aspiring new Holder in Caspar, his parents, a bit about the other members of the Order, and see glimpses of the maniacal force out to destroy what the Order has successfully kept safe from the world for millennia. 

The first arc of the story has a nice mix of action and character and world building. Caspar is obviously the heart of the book, being the narrator of events, and we follow along with him on his journey which includes select moments from his childhood (more will be explored in Volume Two), earning a prestigious role within the secret organization, and coming to understand the father who was forced to abandon him at birth (and whose death has allowed for his rise). Although the villains don't get nearly the amount of coverage here, the foundation of the story and characters like Caspar make it an easy recommendation.

[BOOM! Studios, $16.99]

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