Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Angel #1

The reimagined Buffyverse continues in a new series for Angel who is now a TV detective with Cordelia while his friends continue to fight monsters and things that go bump in the night in his absence. Angel #1 gives us a look at Angel's life on-set while the action from the comic comes from Fred (who apparently is now a Slayer?), Spike, and Wesley taking down a mummy. Things go fairly well, until Wesley gets stabbed with a cursed dagger.

I've lost touch with BOOM! Studios' Buffy comics, so I'm not exactly sure who the bloody interdimensional being skulking around for the issue is supposed to be. As for Angel, Fred's attempt to buy Wesley some time (and save him from a curse) has unexpected consequences for Angel setting the stage for some soul-searching (so to speak).

[BOOM! Studios, $4.99]

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