Wednesday, February 23, 2022

The Endgame - Pilot

Feeling like it was inspired more than a little by The Blacklist, the first episode of NBC's The Endgame introduces us to a super-criminal (Morena Baccarin) in control of a vast global network who allows herself to be captured the the United States Government to further her own plans and put herself in the path of a single agent (Ryan Michelle Bathe). While the heads of the various agencies are at first smug at the prize they've snared, they soon realize who is in a trap when Elena Federova (Baccarin) masterminds a number of bank heists across the city while still under FBI lock up.

The "Pilot" episode starts the cat-and-mouse game while introducing us to FBI Agent Val Fitzgerald (Bathe) who seems to be the only one smart enough to keep up with Federova but is on the outs with the Bureau after turning in her own husband , who also seems to be mixed up in the mastermind's larger plan. It's a bit convoluted in terms of set up, by Baccarin is having fun in her villain turn here as she turns the tables on her captors and starts to make them squirm. The end of the episode suggests what Federova is after, but is the reunion with her not-so-dead husband (Costa Ronin) truly her only goal. If not, what else does she want. If so, how far is she willing to go?

  • Title: The Endgame - Pilot
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