Monday, February 7, 2022

Reacher - First Dance

Choosing to remain in Margrave to get answers, Reacher (Alan Ritchson) arranges a trap for the prison guard that put Reacher and Hubble (Marc Bendavid) into general population to get them killed during their short stint in prison. The meet turns out to be a trap on both sides as Reacher is jumped by two Columbians. Everyone leaves with some bruises and scratches but no more answers as to what is going on. After the Chief of Police (Peter Skagen) gets nailed to a wall and has his balls cut off (a familiar threat that was made to Hubble), the Mayor (Bruce McGill) makes himself the acting chief, hoping to control the investigation. However, this alerts our protagonist that there is something far larger going on in Margrave, which likely led to his brother's death.

We get flashbacks to Reacher's childhood which will be constant theme throughout the season. I don't know that these really explain who Reacher is, but the do set-up his connection to his brother and tease the character's world view which was formed a long time ago. Hardly a welcome guest of the city, aside from the Columbians, a group of drunken fools try to tool up Reacher in the parking lot of his hotel. It doesn't go as well as they expect. However, Reacher does make a friend in Roscoe , who Finlay (Malcolm Goodwin) assigns to tail him. Taking him for a drink instead, Roscoe discovers her home broken into and vandalized when they return. What is the town hiding that someone is so desperate to keep hidden?

  • Title: Reacher - First Dance
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