Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Wolf Like Me - Episode 1

The opening episode of Wolf Like Me introduces us to widower and struggling single father Gary (Josh Gad) who literally crashes into Mary (Isla Fisher) in a car accident. Aside from having a way to calm Gary's emotionally-troubled daughter (Ariel Donoghue), Mary also catches Gary's attention for her kind ear and odd behavior. The show's opener teases the idea of Mary's condition, more strongly in the final minute where she races home hoping to beat sundown and lock herself away, without confirming she is indeed a werewolf.

With the supernatural elements mostly teased, "Episode 1" is more about introducing our three main characters. Gary, whose latest relationship we see flame out the opening scene, has put his attention primarily on his daughter who he feels he can't do enough to help. Along comes a caring, if flighty and odd, young woman who someone seems to fit naturally into their lives. While some of Mary's erratic behavior can be about protecting herself given her condition, it does seem like there might be possibly more going on. While she's certainly got one big secret to tell, what other secrets might she be keeping?

  • Title: Wolf Like Me - Episode 1
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