Monday, February 28, 2022

Legacies - The Story of My Life

Legacies returns from its mid-season hiatus still focused on our dead trio attempting to get out of Limbo and Hope's (Danielle Rose Russell) missing humanity as she shows up in Professor Vardemus' (Alexis Denisof) classroom, in a fun reveal, to ask his opinion on the mystic crypt she's been keeping Lizzie (Jenny Boyd) inside. Eventually Lizzie escapes, but the revelation that Hope is her sire creates a new relationship between the pair as Lizzie can no longer harm Hope and must follow her commands (which the show immediately begins having fun with). Both this storyline, and what unfolds back at the Salvatore School, open a new storyline for the series on the subjects of gods.

Back at the school Jed (Ben Levin) takes the time to get to know Ben (Zane Phillips), who is revealed to be the demi-god Prometheus as he explains his backstory and how he was responsible for loosing magic and monsters onto the world and the curse that has followed him ever since. With a bit of inspiration, Cleo (Omono Okojie) finds a way to halt the monster attacks allowing Ben to stay at the school. However his connection to the woman (Piper Curda) Hope and Lizzie meet, or what she wanted with the now destroyed sarcophagus, has yet to be explained. As for our trapped trio in Limbo, their attempts to decipher the riddle of the Sphinx lead them to a potential new ally in their quest to return to the mortal world.

  • Title: Legacies - The Story of My Life
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