Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Amazing Spider-Man #651

You know what? It's nice for Spider-Man to be fun again. The latest issue finds Spidey and the Black Cat breaking into the Kingpin's tower after the stolen Reverbium.

Spidey's sporting his new stealth suit (something I'm still on the fence about) and the Black Cat is sporting her trademark teammate skills as the two find their secret mission discovered before it even starts when the Kingpin and the new Hobgoblin give the heroes a rather chilly reception.

I've really only got minor complaints here such as the length of time Fisk toys with the Black Cat without doing her any real harm (something which could have been fixed by reorganizing the panels a bit). I do like Phil Urich as the new Hobgoblin and the dark mirrored take with him selling footage of his other persona for his job at the Daily Bugle. There's also a nice moment with Carlie when Parker realizes how naked he feels with all his Spidey stuff stored at his new job instead of his apartment.

The issue also includes a short Scorpion story tacked onto the end of the issue. I'm okay with Mac Gargan taking back the name, but I'm not sure I like the HYDRA looking design of the new suit, and I'm sure I hate the issues final couple of pages where the new Scorpion army is revealed. Ugh.

[Marvel $3.99]

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