Sunday, January 23, 2011

Batman #706

Sensei has abducted Lucius Fox and his daughter with the hopes of prying the secrets of a brotherhood his father once belonged. Meanwhile Batman and Robin find themselves sidetracked by a sneak attack by the Riddler and his daughter Enigma.

There's much to like here, but one thing which troubles me. The entire issue is jam-packed with as many periphery Bat-characters as could easily fit into one story (each with their own introduction) including those mentioned above as well as Catwoman, Catgirl, I-Ching, Peacock, and Reaper. The entire issue feels like an attempt to create a new jumping-in point for those who haven't been reading the title. The problem is this is part-three of an on-going storyline. So why this attempt works, it feels a bit awkward.

The story itself works pretty well as the various stories hint without giving too much away. Filled with action, this actually is a mystery story (in several different ways) for Batman to solve. It's also nice to see Grayson's detective skills highlighted. Worth a look.

[DC $2.99]

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