Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Batman Beyond #1

Due to the recent success of the latest Batman Beyond mini-series, Terry McGinnis and friends get a new series starting here. Although there's nothing all that special about this story (especially as a first issue launching a new title) there are several interesting notes worth talking about.

The first is the choice to launch a new title rather than simply continue the numbering from the recent mini-series. This volume picks up shortly after the events from the "Hush" storyline (which is referred to) so you'd think the more natural choice would be to continue the previous series rather than launch a brand new one.

There's also the choice of using a brand-new villain, one who steals the (not particularly well-guarded) weapon of a former super-villain to cause mayhem with the new found ability to transmute people and objects into metal. As Bat-villains go this guy ranks pretty far down the list.

The final note is the curious use of action words in the style of the old Batman tv-series (THOOM, KA-KROOM, BOOFF). It's not a bad choice but it does feel slightly out of place - unless this is a style which will be used going forward throughout the series.

That's not to say everything's bad here. The opening fight between Batman and the new Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum is fun, as are Terry's interactions with his girlfriend and his family. I love the scene over the phone between MGinnis and his little brother.

One thing the issue does well is show-off it's main star, letting those unfamiliar with him get to know Terry McGinnis. The issue also includes an appearance by the future version of the Justice League. It will be interesting to see how big a role they play in the new series.

[DC $2.99]

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