Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Doctor Who #1

IDW finally brings the Eleventh Doctor to his own monthly comic. The first issue surrounds Rory's misuse of the magic phone aboard the TARDIS which leads to spamming of an epic scale.

Although the set-up is rather silly, writer Tony Lee gets the tone of the characters right including Matt Smith zaniness and his mix of acceptance and incredulity at the situation which includes a magic talking stapler (I kid you not!).

If I have one complaint its the inconsistent art of Andrew Currie where Amy Pond is concerned. The Doctor, Rory, and the various aliens and spam creations come off well, but the quality of Amy seems to vary wildly over the course of the comic.

As first issues goes it's certainly a bit of fluff, but it's entertaining enough for Who fans to pick up. It's not going to bowl you over, or compare with the best of Series Five, but it just may help tide you over until Doctor Who returns to the airwaves this Spring.

[IDW $3.99]

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