Monday, January 24, 2011

Darkwing Duck #8

The conclusion of "The Crisis on Infinite Darkwings" is as crazy as it sounds as various versions of Darkwing Duck from every different parallel world (my favorite might be The Doctor Darkwing) band together to stop the "uber evil" of Paddyquack and the giant version of Negaduck from destroying St. Canard.

Taken from film, television, comics, and even (gasp!) classic literature, there's a variety Darkwings adding the zaniness paying homage to everything from The Wizard of Oz to Davy Crockett. And, in true Darkwing style, all of his city saving antics only bring more people to distrust his intentions. I'm a little disappointed with the apparent end of Gosalyn's adventures in the Gizmoduck armor as "Gosmoduck," but that's really my only complaint.

Crazy fun all around, and once again the comic delivers with yet another very cool old school Batman-inspired variant cover (this one by Diego Jourdan).

[Boom $3.99]

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