Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Batman #710

For an issue that is jam-packed with important events and characters I'm not quite sure how this issue of Batman is such a trainwreck. Two-Face returns to Gotham, but he's not the only Dent who's got a role to play.

We also get Batman (tiptoeing around like a ballet dancer on steroids thanks to Steve Scott's art) attempting to deal with Kitrina Falcone and hunt down a psychotic Two-Face who is even more lost than usual without his trademark coin.

And then there's the late reveal and final panel which returns Gilda Dent to Gotham as well, as the arm candy of Mario Falcone? Like everything else in this issue it takes a good idea and turns it into pure shock and filler without context or meaning.

I've read some bad Batman comics in my day, but this issue is such a clusterfuck it's baffling to behold. Here's hoping the title makes some swift changes and gets back on track as soon as possible. Pass.

[DC, $2.99]

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