Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Top Ten Macho Man Moments

The Macho Man is gone, but he's left us quite a few memories. The Macho Man Randy Savage passed away a little over a week ago, but we'll take today's holiday to look back and remember the Top Ten Greatest Moments of his wrestling career. Think your favorite made list? Take a look and find out!


10. Sensational Sherri

After his split with Elizabeth the Macho Man found himself in the market for a new manager. Savage chose former woman's champion Sensational Sherri to help complete his total heel turn after the events of Wrestlemania V. The pair were inseparable for almost two years before the first "forced" retirement of Savage's career at Wrestlemania VII.

9. Snap into a Slim Jim

I've never been a big beef jerky guy. Call me crazy, but dried meat in stick form never seemed all that appetizing. But because of Randy Savage I know the name Slim Jim. For years Savage worked as the spokesman for the company, performing several commercials and inviting WWF fans everywhere who needed a little excitement to "Snap into a Slim Jim." Although low budget, no matter when you saw your first Macho Man Slim Jim commercial I'm betting you still remember them.

8. Feud with George "The Animal" Steele

The Macho Man had several feuds over the years but few were as bizarre as the feud he had with the hairy man-ape George "The Animal" Steele. Their feud culminated in a match at WrestleMania 2 where Savage successfully defended his Intercontinental Title against one of more unique superstars ever to put on a pair of trunks.

7. The Reign of the Macho King

After defeating Hacksaw Jim Duggan during 1989's King of the Ring, the Randy Savage assumed the new identity of "The Macho King" complete with a crown and scepter (which he would use on more than one opponent when the referee's back was turned). The Macho King would even occasionally be brought to ring on a liter.

6. The Feud with Jake the Snake Roberts

The Macho Man was lured out of the announcer's booth (where he was actually quite good) and back into the ring by the targeted attacks of Jake "The Snake" Roberts including this attack using a live Cobra as well as the interruption to Savage and Elizabeth's wedding reception. This would lead to a campaign by the Macho Man to get himself reinstated. Eventually allowed back into the ring Savage would get his revenge. And, best of all, the Macho Man was back in action once again.

5. The Mega Powers Explode

After a year as the champion, WrestleMania V saw Savage defend the WWF Title against his former tag team partner and friend Hulk Hogan. For a full year the pair had worked together as the unstoppable tag-team known as The Mega Powers, but jealousy, dissension, and the Macho Man's irrational jealousy where Elizabeth was concerned, put the former teammates on a collision course one year after Hogan had helped Savage win the championship. The first title reign of the Macho Man may have ended that night, but his main event status was secured. And three years later the Macho Man would defeat Ric Flair to begin his second reign as WWF Champion.

4. Wrestlemania IV

Randy Savage becomes World Champion by beating four men (Butch ReedGreg ValentineOne Man Gang, "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase) in one night to claim the WWF Championship. This was a huge accomplishment as Savage became the first WWF Champion to carry the company not named Hulk Hogan in over three years. The Macho Man was here to stay.

3. Macho Man chooses Miss Elizabeth

Savage entered the WWF in 1985 and was offered the services of many managers in the company at the time including Bobby HeenanJimmy Hart, and "Classy" Freddie Blassie. He turned all of them all down to choose Miss Elizabeth to whom his character would become forever linked. The pair's relationship was an odd pairing of beauty and the beast that allowed the character to constantly straddle the line of face and heel due to his often psychotic treatment of a woman he obviously cared for. Of all wrestler/manager pairings this may be the most memorable.

2. Wrestlemania VII

The Macho Man would lose a career-ending match to The Ultimate Warrior at e WrestleMania VII. The match itself was one of his best, but the events afterwards make it all the more memorable. Dejected after his loss and unable to defend himself, Savage was attacked by Sensational Sherri, only to be rescued from the crowd by his former manager Miss Elizabeth, reuniting the couple in the ring for the first time in years. Savage even raised Elizabeth to his shoulder in their old trademark pose for his "final" goodbye, much to the appreciation of WWF fans everywhere.

1. Wrestlemania III

WrestleMania III is remembered by most for 93,173 packing the Pontiac Silverdome to see Hulk Hogan bodyslam AndrĂ© the Giant, but the match which for many stole the show wasn't the main event. It was Savage putting the Intercontential Title up for grabs against Ricky Steamboat, in what may consider to be one of the greatest Wrestlemania matches off all-time.

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