Tuesday, May 17, 2011

FF #3

The FF and Doctor Doom team up to take down not one, but four Reed Richards. And they're also enlisting the help of several of the Fantastic Four's old foes (including the High Evolutionary, Diablo, the Mad Thinker, and the Wizard) to help.

It seems Valeria made a bad mistake by releasing four Reed Richards from other worlds into our own. And these men haven't exactly been idle since entering our reality and they're more than willing to sacrifice our world for their own ends.

Even if this one is mostly backstory fill-in, it's a solid issue all around and includes some fun moments such as the various villains being summoned to the Baxter Building for an evening with Victor von Doom. Classic.

On the negative side, this is at least the third time I've seen the Watcher make an appearance in as many months. That's far too often, especially here when his appearance isn't warranted in this issue. Instead it's used to over-hype the events that may occur in the next few issues. I like the Watcher, but if he starts showing up for every calendar event the entire point of his character is made worthless. Just sayin'. Worth a look.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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