Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Brightest Day #24

DC Comics year-long maxi-series follow-up to Blackest Night has been a trainwreck, and that's putting it nicely. After 24 grueling issues Brightest Day has finally, and thankfully, come to an end. What was the point with bringing characters back from the dead, killing some of them off again, and generally writing bewildering stories about the restoration of the White Lantern that never went anywhere? Swamp Thing.

That's right, the entire point of the series, it seems, was to return Alec Holland to life and then merge him back into the Green to create a new Swamp Thing. Here's my question: Did we really need 24 issues of over-complicated nonsense to accomplish this? No, not really.

Those who kept reading this one every couple of weeks have stronger constitutions than I do. However you feel about it, Swamp Thing is back and it seems like the beginning of reincorporating Vertigo properties back into DC proper has officially begun, especially considering the tease of a certain Hellblazer we're given as well.

[DC, $4.99]

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