Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Moon Knight #1

Marc Spector has been around the Marvel Universe since 1975. As Moon Knight the former mercenary turned agent of vengeance turned super-hero has had (to put it kindly) limited success.

With the rejuvenated Moon Knight now part of the Secret Avengers the time seemed appropriate to get Moon Knight back into his own series. And who better to do so than Brian Michael Bendis? Although far from the unbelievable reinterpretation of the character Marvel's marketing department would have us believe, the first issue is solid.

Specter has relocated to Los Angeles (making him the West Coast Avenger?) and is using his past as the basis for the hottest action-adventure to hit television this week. He's also tasked with a new assignment by Captain America, Spider-Man and Wolverine - find out who's behind the rise in super-villain activity on the West Coast.

Moon Knight's adventure sees him go toe-to-toe with Mr. Hyde and reveals the fact that Specter's mental problems aren't as sorted out as some of his teammates would like to believe.

The issue also includes a bit of a continuity snafu by showcasing Steve Rogers as Captain America (who still hasn't taken up the red, white, and blue in the Marvel Universe). Although the end of the issue does give the publisher an out for explaining this (but one still full of holes, in my opinion), it still feels like like an oversight on someone's part letting this one go to print before Rogers return as Cap (which we know is coming).

The story (even with the issue addressed above) is good, but I wasn't that impressed with the art by Alex Maleev which isn't as strong as the art from Vengeance of the Moon Knight (the character's last ongoing title). I'm also far from sold on the $4 price-tag which is pretty damn pricey for a Moon Knight story. Worth a look.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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