Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Intrepids #3

The series has given us killer cyber-bears and a trained battalion of baboons, but with the third issue The Intrepids starts to give us something new - a few answers.

We learn a little more about Dante, the inventor who over the years has taken in these four youngsters, genetically enhanced them, and forged them into his own team of operatives. There is some definite distrust among the ranks. The flashbacks we're given shine some light on Dante's past associations. It seems he has more than a passing knowledge of the mad scientists he sends his Intrepids to stop, and his motivations may not be as pure as he's let on.

Part Oliver Twist, part spy thriller, and with more than a little in common with Dark Horse's The Umbrella Academy, The Intrepids is a fun read with a little more going on under the surface than you first might assume.

The series does capture the feeling of family between the group members, although a uniquely dysfunctional one. With only three more issues left, I think I'll stick around to see how things turn out. Worth a look.

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