Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Red Robin #23

A new mystery unfolds for Red Robin as attempts are made on the lives of both Bruce Wayne and Lucius Fox (who is "killed"), as well as several other prominent figures including Dr. Light.

His search leads him to ask help from both Batman and Jim Gordon as well as spening a little kissy-face time in mid-air with Lynx. The assassin appears to be wearing the armor of Scarab, an assassin Red Robin knows all too well. Getting him released from prison so she could lead him to her secret cabal seemed like a good idea... but if the last panel is any indication it's going to cause far more trouble than he could have imagined.

It's nice to see another appearance by Lynx. I'd actually like more of her but Red Robin's life is chaotic enough just fitting her in for a couple of panels (like this one). The storyline begun here should give us quite a few action-packed issues as the league of Scarab (Scarab League?) sets their sights squarely on a single hero. Sadly, Tim loses a couple of cool points for only seeing Raiders of the Lost Ark three times? Worth a look.

[DC, $2.99]

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