Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Captain America #1

Steve Rogers is back in action as Captain America as Marvel relaunches the title, again. It's a good first issue getting Cap back in action and dealing with the death of an old friend (who honestly I thought had died decades ago), a dangerous mystery from his past, and appearances of both old friends and old enemies.

This first storyline focuses on a case from Captain America's past in WWII and he'll need the help of Nick Fury and Sharon Carter to help him track down an old associate of Cap's (Codename: Bravo) who attempts to assassinate Dum Dum Dugan at Peggy Carter's funeral. But he's only half the story, the other half involves an elderly man recently out of a coma who as a child help Cap's covert team fight the Nazis.

We also get appearances from HYDRA and Baron Zemo who are in cahoots with Codename: Bravo. I understand where Brubaker is going here but every WWII hero that's still alive and in top notch condition makes a Cap a little less special. It's a good, though not great, first issue. Worth a look.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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