Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Power Girl #26

There are many reasons to love this issue, including a great message to young female comic book readers which the entire story is centered around. Power Girl goes to speak at a convention, in front of fans of all ages dressed up their hero, and ends up relying on their help when one of the fans turns out to be an alien who abducts them all in an attempt to steal Kara's powers.

The story stands out its own and it's definitely worth a read, but I also want to spend time talking about the other takeaway from this issue which flies right in the face of DC's massive reboot scheduled for September. Over the past fourteen issues, since Judd Winick took over the writing duties, the character has not only become fun to read but relevant as well. And now another writer, Matthew Sturges proves he can pick up the baton and not miss a beat.

We don't need a chronological reboot and massive redesign to make heroes at the edge of the DCU relevant again. All we need are good writers telling good stories, just like this one. Must-read.

[DC, $2.99]

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