Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Kung Fu Panda #2 (of 4)

When all the town's mail is stolen by crows, Po sets out to investigate by hiding out in a mail cart. Once it too is stolen the Dragon Warrior finds himself on Mount Peglai where the city is at the mercy of a despot obsessed with turning the former peaceful village into a paradise for himself. His crows are stealing the mail in attempt of find the key to the city so he might close the gates and lock out the town's citizens.

Of course, Po comes to the rescue and help the townsfolk take control of their home again. Like the first issue, it's fun tale that includes much of the humor and action of the movies on which it's based.

The (very short) back-up story involves a young apprentice who is Po's biggest fan, and is even more annoying to him than Po was the Furious Five when he met. Neither the art nor writing is as strong here, but it's a cute story kids might like.

Once again, the comic's biggest issue is the the $4 cover price for a book specifically aimed at young readers. Way too expensive, but worth a look.

[Ape Entertainment, $3.95]

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