Thursday, July 28, 2011

White Collar - As You Were

A new case hits Jones (Sharif Atkins) close to home when a former friend (Jayson Williams) goes missing after sending him confidential information about the private security force he works for. Things don't get easier when Jones has to ask his friend's wife (Rochelle Aytes), a woman to whom he was once engaged, for help.

The other important piece of the episode involves the fallout of Sara (Hilarie Burton) finding out Neal's (Matt Bomer) secret stash of Nazi treasure which leads to an immediate break-up, with both parties understanding, but unwilling to say aloud, the reason. This also provides Jones and Caffrey to have a surprisingly unforced bonding moment over the women they've lost and a nice bottle of wine.

Peter (Tim DeKay) and Jones get their man (Brady Smith), but the conclusion of Neal's arc in this story is far less black and white as he breaks into the Burke's home to get a copy of the partial manifest only to have a change of heart and lie to Mozzie (Willie Garson) about finding it. Now that he's lying to both of the two men he sees as his closest friends, it will be interesting to see what will happen when either Mozzie or Peter learn the truth.

I've enjoyed the line the show has allowed Neal to walk the past few weeks, and with two episodes left before the mid-season break things look to be getting very interesting as next week's episode gives us a guest-appearance by Eliza Dushku and the return of Keller (Ross McCall).

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