Sunday, November 20, 2011

Burn Notice - Necessary Evil

Agent Pearce (Lauren Stamile) assigns Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) to run an operation putting Sam (Bruce Campbell) and Jesse (Coby Bell) undercover in a recently reopened chemical plant with ties to Liberia. Their mission is to uncover why a weapon engineer (Rick Gomez, the younger brother of Chuck's Joshua Gomez) is acquiring guidance equipment and long range weapon components and discover who he is working for.

What Jesse and Sam find is the weapon egineer is working against his will to build missiles for a lunatic warlord (Jonathan Adams) who has kidnapped his daughter and is holding her as collateral until her father finishes the job. Together with Michael the pair devise a plan to get everyone out alive.

In the episode's B-story Michael and Fi (Gabrielle Anwar) break into a security firm's offices to monitor Anson's (Jere Burns) transmissions only to uncover the man (Steve Zurk) currently dating Madeline (Sharon Gless) might be working for the man who burned and is blackmailing her son. After initially refusing to believe that her latest beau could be a fraud Maddie agrees to help uncover the truth. She find more than she bargained for which leads to an explosive final scene.

The episode is a nice change of pace by having Jesse and Sam do most of the heavy lifting. Even the B-story focuses on Maddie rather than Michael or Fi. And the fact that Michael succeeds in his assignment from behind the sidelines proves to Pearce her burned spy is even more valuable than she originally thought.

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