Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Flash #2

My reaction the DC's decision to reboot has been mixed, but I've got to say I've been pretty happy with Barry Allen's return as the Flash. I'm still conflicted about how much of the character's past was wiped away by the New 52 (especially when Barry's pal Hal Jordan finds his past largely intact), but I've got to say I'm really enjoying this title.

Issue #2 continues the storyline about Barry's missing childhood friend, but much more of this second issue centers around Barry leaning more about his powers. We get our first look at a possible precursor to the Cosmic Treadmill, and the Flash learns to no only act at super-speed but think faster as well.

Once again the art by writer/artist Francis Manapul is exquisite. I love how how Manapul showcases the character's speed and motion while never loosing sight of who the man underneath the mask is. It's been a long time since this, or any Flash, has had a title this good. Best of the week.

[DC, $2.99]


♥ Kara ♥ said...

i am enjoying the new flash 2 but i do not under stand why barry is learning so much in his own series when justice league shows that he has had his powers 4 all of 5 years.........hmmmmmmmm! o,O

Cap'n Carrot said...

Yeah, I'll agree DC's timeline has been wonky from the get-go. I guess the explanation could be here he's learning to use his powers in a different way than he's used them before.

The title would make more sense if it was earlier in the New 52 like Detective Comics and Action Comics.