Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hawaii Five-0 – Ike Maka

When a disfigured body is discovered in the trunk of a stolen car Five-0 attempts to identify the victim. Identification becomes a problem, however, when the team discovers the John Doe recently went through extensive plastic surgery and even after finding his doctor (Hank Stratton) the team is no closer to knowing his real name or what he looked like before his surgery.

The investigation uncovers a car theft ring and the fact that the victim was once in Witness Protection. The episode throws out its share of red herrings, including a professional hitter (Tony Curran), but the real reason for the man's death proves to have nothing to do with the men after him or the thieves who bosted the car with his dead body in the trunk.

"Ike Maka" isn't a great episode but it does open with a good car chase and most of the twists in the mystery work well-enough. And we do get to see Kono (Grace Park) showcase some sharpshooting skills we hadn't previously seen. Although the ending is a bit surprising, it's also a little anti-climactic given the juicier possibilities that could have lead to the victim's death.

Aside from the case the episode shows further friction between Danny (Scott Caan) and McGarrett (Alex O'Loughlin) now that his partner is sleeping on McGarrett's couch. Although it's nothing new for the two to argue, both are confused that Max (Masi Oka) appears to be angry at both of them. Danny's living situation may not be sorted out, but by the end of the episode Lori (Lauren German) is able to shed some light on Max's hurt feelings (while dressed as Sandy from Grease).

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